Training Program Manager

Create and manage your training programs

With Training Program Manager, you can easily create your training programs by choosing from pre-defined exercises or defining your own to the exercise database.

You can now throw away your wrinkled old notepad and The Pen That Would Not Write and download Training Program Manager for your Android device for free!

Createyour own exercises

If you can't find an exercise you're looking for, you can always create your own exercise for your programs.

You can choose the targeted muscles from a list that is helpfully illustrated.

Any exercise you create is added to your exercise database and all fuunctionality extend to them as with the pre-defined.

Keep track of your workout

Training Program Manager makes it easy for you to track where you are in your days workout routine.

With clearly emphasized exercises that are in progress and clearly toned down exercises that are finished, you can at a glance locate the exercise or exercises that you are currently doing. This makes it easier to transition between exercises if you have a more complex and progressive routine, like triplesets and circuit training.

Keep track of workout duration and resting time

When you start your workout, Training Program Manager starts a timer to show how long you have been working out. When you mark your workout as finished, the data is stored in a database and you can later view a graph of how long your workouts usually take, which helps you to adjust your workouts to fit your schedule.

When you mark your each set as succeeded or failed, a rest timer is reset to zero and starts ticking away to help you keep track of how long you are resting between sets.